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Craig's Windows Remote

Personality Translator

Craig's SMS Encryption

Craig's Walky Talky

Craig's Battery Saver ROOT

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Craig's Private Call Dropper

Swirl Guess

Craig's Clipboard Share

Nat's Flag Quiz Game  -Maps

   Fashion Assistant


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Craig's Battery Saver (ROOT)  - OS Control Tool

A great way to have control over how your phone uses it's core functions.  Especially useful for overnight total sleep modes and idle times.

You can save a lot of battery juice over the course of one day.

 Craig's Battery Saver persists so even if Android kills it off it comes back. Ususally. Depending on other persistent state priveledges and apps you use.

You will know if it's running from the distinct sound effect which lets you know your phone is saving power.

Only for rooted Android phones.



      Craig's Private Call Dropper - Communications Control

A simple call dropper.  Just goes to voice mail if you get a call from 'Private Number".  For all of you who are not impressed, please be aware that you can not just hang up on a caller unless your network lets you do that which is unlikely.  You won't find an app who can do that unless it's from the network itself.  But that's fine.  If someone doesn't want to tell you who they are before they communicate with you, then they should go to voicemail.

I don't accept emails or Skype or any communications if I don't know anything about the caller.  And I am not impressed that cell networks do let private numbers call you in this day and age.  That's not acceptable in 2015 so Craig's Private Call Dropper just eliminates those callers. Problem solved.  App runs in the background. Easy.

  Craig's Private Call Dropper!- screenshot thumbnail



   Craig's Windows Remote - Android to PC Communications

Common controls, optimised for media players and use.

Available for Android from the Google Play Store.

  • Click IP Address Detect, Click to set to automatically detect and set the IP (internet protocol address). You will need this so your remote knows which PC to connect to. 
  • Check you have installed the server called relay.exe on your PC. You must have the server installed for the remote to work adn the IP to set. 
  • Download the server to your PC from here 
  • Or you can also upload relay.exe via a USB cable from your phone as it comes with the remote when you download it on your smart phone. You can find it on your device using an advanced file manager program (like ES Explorer) in the following directory location: Internal memory/Craigs/relay.exe
  • Use the text box and save button to set the IP address manually. This in as advanced feature.

    How to use CWR

All commands are universal. Tested with Windows Media Player Classic and in-browser YouTube player. These controls will operate anything which requires it's commands. The example below is for Windows Media Player Classic but you can test these controls out on any program which uses the functions below.

Best function - Shutdown button.  Will shut your PC off from anywhere within the wi-fi network range.  Another room, outside, etc. Likewise, all buttons operate from anywhere. Try turning volume up and down from different locations on the network.

 Left Mouse Click - Pause/Unpause

 Double Left Click Mouse - Min/Max screen when cursor is in the play window.

 This will place the cursor in the middle of the screen.  This may be useful for minimising and maximising your window and removing the task bar from the play area.

 This is the Space bar control.  It will pause and unpause the player.

 These buttons will take you back or forward about 5 seconds of video play.

 These buttons will turn volume up and down by 5% at a time.  Repeat press for more up and down control.

 This button will safely exit your remote by closing it.

 This button will allow you to totally and safely shut down your PC.

 This button will close the top most window.

(Craig's and Nat's) Personality Translator - Social Interaction

A fun application which takes your text and returns it with changes of a specific personality you have chosen.  Current personalities include; Pirate, Jive, Valley, Einstein, Ozzy, Clarkson, Baby and Drunk. Available on Android from the Google Play Store.  We will be adding more personalities and updating existing ones as we grow so check regularly and accept updates when required.

Current personalities include:
Pirate - Aye me timbers. Arrrrrrgh.
Clarkson - The now infamous Jeremy Clarkson - Some say...
Valley - For the valley girl like in like all of us like, like.
Drunk - Yeah...
Einstein - He closely examines everything.
Jive - Funky talk for the cool people.
Ozzy - Oi mate.
Baby - Googoo ga ga
Sherlock - Elementary my dear Watson
PsychoBabble - How are you feeling?
Sci-fi - Beam me up!

  Craig's SMS Encryption - Communication Security

This is a tool which will apply light encryption to your sms messages.


Send an encrypted SMS

Open Craig's Sms Encryption app.  Add your text under the Search Contact list field.

Type the name of the contact you need in the Search Contact list field.  A list will come  up where you can choose the contact. If the person you want to send the sms to is not in the contact list you will not be able to send a message from the app.

Once you have your contact set next to the Send SMS button you can now send your sms.

How to read an encrypted sms

Whenever you receive a SMS which is encrypted using Craig's SMS encryption, the app will pop up and show you the unencrypted text. This text will only last as long as the app is being used.  Once closed the message is lost.  You can however, re-send the message to yourself to read it again.

 Nat's Flag Quiz Game with maps - Education in Geography.

Learn your country and your flags. Do you know where every place is?  This app is very useful.  It will re-inforce the world's geography through a fun and visual quiz game which helps you recall information about countries, their flags and their location. This is a good visually informative application to help you memorise geographical information.



Guess what country the flag belongs to.

Then when you have guessed correctly you can see where the country is.

Keeps track of your highest score

Includes sound effects.

Includes animation

Keeps track of how many times you have played


All countries included.



  (Nat's) Swirl Guess and Halloween Swirl Guess - Puzzle Game

It's a game on a timer, testing your general knowledge and quiz brain as well as your ability to recognize objects.

You need to choose what you think you see from an option of three answers. Don't be in a hurry though. You won't get any points.

The faster you guess correctly, the more points you receive.




  Craig's Clipboard Share - Business and Education

Great for presentations and teaching

Craig's Clipboard Share is an advanced and sophisticated tool for business and education or anywhere you need to share information from one phone or PC to many others.

The main feature of Craig's Clipboard Share is that you can easily share coied content in a group.  It allows you to directly copy text from your phone and instantly distribute it with others on their phone by simply copying on pasting.  Copy the original text and other will have it waiting on their device's clipboard ready to paste.  No more having to follow up later.

Here are some of the more common things to share. URLs, definitions, explanations, etc.

Use with multiple phones or with a Windows PC.



 Craig's Walky Talky - Android to Android Communications


Simple, fast communications.

Easy to use with just one button.

Made for lower end devices so you can use it on almost any phone

Talk to anyone on your local network who has the Walky Talky app.

Runs in the background.

Made for low battery consumption.


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